Guard Vessels

Guard Vessels

C&S provides guard vessels selected to meet client requirements. Working fishing vessels are particularly appropriate as they utilise local fishermen’s knowledge and provide appropriate communication. Mainly engaged to deter fishing and other vessels in the vicinity from approaching vulnerable subsea assets, and potentially hazardous areas, guard vessels are utilised during installation, construction and decommissioning phases on a wide range of oil and gas, renewable, and cable lay projects. Regular vessel inspections carried out by our qualified and experienced in house team, working alongside client auditors as required, prioritises safety and delivery of service.

Marine Assurance

  • Qualified Marine Assurance and Safety Officers
  • Regular vessel inspections undertaken
  • Marine Safety Forum supported vessel inspection documentation
  • Communication with fishing vessels and other marine traffic
  • Communication with client vessels/installations
  • Daily activity reports
  • 24hr emergency onshore support

Providing protection for

  • Pipelines and cables
  • Wellheads, manifolds and other subsea structures
  • Various offshore sites during installation, operational and decommissioning phases
  • Renewable energy installation operations