We Provide Services for Route Clearance and PLGR Operations.

We Provide a Wide Range of Services for Offshore Cable Installation Projects. A 100% Scottish owned company based in Dundee & Angus, C&S Offshore Services is actively supporting the growth of Local and Scottish National offshore Renewable Energy projects. Our primary services provided are;

PLGR Operations

The Pre Lay Grapnel Run – or PLGR – is key to a successful cable laying project.

Route Clearance

Route clearance is a very important stage taking place prior the cable installation.


From the C&S Offshore Services database, we can provide the right personnel crucial for our clientele’s needs & overall project success.


Guard Vessels

C&S Provide Guard Vessels selected to meet the clients requirements.


Several activities are undertaken to prepare the proposed cable route prior to cable laying and subsequent burial of the submerged plant. This crucial set of activities for route preparation can mean the difference between success and failure during the cable installation phase.

Route Clearance

Route clearance is a very important stage taking place prior the cable installation. It consists in clearing the route of the end-of-life cables identified during the Marine Survey. These cables and debris may endanger the new cable or the plough during the burial.


Guard Vessels

C&S provides guard vessels selected to meet client requirements. Working fishing vessels are particularly appropriate as they utilise local fishermen’s knowledge and provide appropriate communication. Mainly engaged to deter fishing and other vessels in the vicinity from approaching vulnerable subsea assets, and potentially hazardous areas, guard vessels are utilised during installation, construction and decommissioning phases on a wide range of oil and gas, renewable, and cable lay projects. Regular vessel inspections carried out by our qualified and experienced in house team, working alongside client auditors as required, prioritises safety and delivery of service.

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